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Discover Our History

At Casa Belart, we are proud to share our story with you. We are a 100% Mexican company born in Tulum, Mexico, and passionately dedicated to artisanal furniture, interior design and art. We believe that each piece of furniture tells a story of beauty and authenticity, and our mission is to create unique spaces that reflect elegance and functionality in every corner of your life.

The Craftsmanship of a Unique Home

Our Style: At Casa Belart, our essence is reflected in every piece of furniture and accessory we create. We consider each piece as a work of art in itself, and each item in our catalog is a testament to our passion for design and the constant pursuit of beauty in all its forms. From the conception of new products to their meticulous preparation, our mission is to transmit that passion and beauty to your home. At Casa Belart, we are not just a company, but the manifestation of a passion that drives us to elevate interior design to a higher level.

Our Collection: At the core of Casa Belart lies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and sustainability. Each item in our collection is a carefully designed and handcrafted masterpiece. As we create these unique pieces, we incorporate sustainable materials from various corners of the world, fusing the traditional with the contemporary. At every step of our design and production process, we prioritize our social, environmental and ethical responsibility. By choosing our products, you not only acquire a beautiful piece of furniture or accessory, but you also become part of a story of passion for beauty, craftsmanship and responsibility. Every detail is an expression of our dedication to creating unique spaces that reflect the essence of Casa Belart.


Transparency: At Casa Belart, sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our philosophy, and we are proud to be transparent in every step of our process. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a motto, but a constant promise that guides our actions. We keep our impact to a minimum by producing locally and sustainably, reducing our environmental footprint. Our collection is not only designed to meet trends, but to last over time, reflecting our commitment to quality and longevity. This transparency is a manifestation of our integrity and responsibility both to you and to the world we share.

Mission: At Casa Belart, our mission is a constant beacon that illuminates our path. We strive to maintain three pillars of responsibility: social, environmental and ethical. In every design and production choice, we consider its impact on the environment and community. Socially, we seek to positively impact the community and the lives of those around us, creating opportunities and improving quality of life. Environmentally, every piece of furniture and accessory is a commitment to sustainability, designed to preserve the natural beauty of the planet. Ethically, our commitment to beauty is combined with integrity in every decision we make. Our mission is to create unique spaces that reflect this triple responsibility, and every choice we make is a step toward realizing this mission.

History of Fabrics: In every thread and fiber of our products, you will find a story that spans generations. Our products are the result of decades of dedication to sustainability. The fabrics we use are carefully created with sustainable and natural materials, selected to be durable and respectful of the environment. Each item is an expression of love and consideration for beauty and sustainability. Our fabrics are not only simple materials; They are the result of a story that transcends time and reflects our unwavering commitment to respect and care for the world we share.

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